Saturday, January 16, 2010

Discussion on 'Implementation of EWS Quota in Public Schools,' 15 January 2010

I am happy to have made it for at least some part of the meeting on 'Implementation of EWS Quota in Public Schools' at ISI, Lodhi Road, organised by Pardarshita, Sajag and Asha Delhi. I walked into a hall full of people from the poor community. Mothers spoke of their struggles with school administration and how it paid off while children spoke of how it feels to be poor, yet to 'fit in' at school with children from a better class. Poor children have made it to schools like GD Goenka and Sanskriti through EWS quota. This meeting was about lots of sharing and lots of bonding between people who have fought similar battles but from different locations. Their fight continues...
Here are some photos from the meeting.


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