Saturday, March 06, 2010

Films by Subrat Kumar Sahu

I Sing, therefore I am!
The camera follows Pabitra Kumbhar, a blind artist, who moves from village to village, singing spiritual songs and playing his father's hand-made musical instrument. His wife says she fell in love with him (and his music) when he came singing to her doorstep many years back :). This film captures Kumbhar's struggle with a world that refuses to acknowledge him as a dignified artist. Film duration: 18 Minutes.

This film looks into the larger politics of development in context of the World Bank-sponsored Upper Indravati Hydropower Mega Project coming to Kalahandi, Orissa, displacing and pauperising adivasis and dalits, ironically, post 'development'. Film duration: 73 minutes.

(If you want to see the films, please contact or leave a message with me).

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